Four Reasons to Hire a Designer

January 9, 2013

Many home owners  think that when they take on a redecorating or remodel project in their home, that hiring a designer is an added and unnecessary expense.  When we need a plumber, electrician, or our car fixed do we hesitate to call?  Sometimes perhaps yes, we may put if off or try to fix it ourselves, but usually, we come to the realization that hiring a professional will save us time, heartache, and yes, money in the long run.  Here are some things to consider when hiring a designer to help your home project run smoother;

  1. Hire a specialist;  For instance if you’re undertaking a bathroom or kitchen remodel, there are bathroom or kitchen designers-where those are the only projects they take on.  That means they have a lot of experience to offer you!
  2. Designers are in the know; Designer’s usually have a network of contractors, specialists, and stores they work with over and over on projects.  This means they can handle all the specifics of where to get your tile, flooring, counter tops, furniture, etc.  The designer has also formulated relationships based on trust with them.
  3. Designers can save you money!  Many sources the designer has are not always available to the public, thus you may be acquiring unique items that not everyone else has.  In instances where they are open to the public, designers can usually acquire a “designer discount” and sometimes this is passed onto the client.
  4. On -going training; Designers are continuously training.  We attend webinars, seminars, trade shows and are always learning about new products and better ways of doing things.

We can help to streamline the entire process for you!

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