What Inspires You?

July 18, 2017

We are around color every day whether it’s at a client’s home, out and about in town, or out in nature!  I find a lot of inspiration from nature especially.  Here is a great tool from Sherwin Williams  called
Color Snap.  You can snap a photo and the app will pull up corresponding colors from the paint line.  Often we have an inspiration piece such as a rug, piece of art or a patterned chair and this to can help to find that perfect color or colors!

I created these color palettes using ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPhone by Sherwin-Williams. What do you think?

Learn more about ColorSnap Visualizer and download it for free today by visiting

ColorSnap ColorSnap


Most of my design time is spent in the remodeling world, specifying products and project managing remodels of bathrooms, kitchens, whole homes and partial homes, which I adore doing!  While I may not be decorating a room with furniture as often, I still know the importance of furniture and how it can set the tone for a room or a home.

I also believe that our homes, like our growing families, go through different phases, and different furniture and or arrangements also occur in our homes during those phases.  I have been in client homes before that don’t seem to have a hang out space, and it will leave me wondering “where do they hang out?”  I have teenagers, and love for their friends to be at our home.  I was noticing that my 20 year old couch that I loved, seemed too short for more than one person to sit comfortably, and that our club chairs were worn and not well liked. The furniture desperately  needed to be replaced despite my best efforts to hide the fabric tears in the chairs with duck tape and hidden with pretty pillows, and the couch was terribly faded! The family room we hang out in just didn’t seem to fit even four people comfortably especially when a dog and two cats join in!

While I had my eye out for some new couches I am a picky buyer, and would rather do without until I find the perfect piece.  I also believe that the perfect piece of furniture can happen along when least expected. I found my husband when least expected 23 years ago, too!

Favorite couchOne day recently after a quick trip to the mall, my daughter and I happened to be walking though Pottery Barn on the way to our car. She pleaded we not walk though since I “always have to go through there”. Even though I wasn’t going to look at furniture, I couldn’t help to instantly fall in love with this couch my daughter happened to sit on.  It was Memorial Day weekend, a great furniture sale weekend, and I LOVED this couch.  It fit all the ‘wants’ I had on my imaginary list; grey, fit 2-3 people comfortably, cushy, price, and they had two!

It didn’t take long to start the  process of renting a box van to transport my new finds to my home. My family room is now the happy recipient of two of these beauties flanking each other. They have been a hit, as family asked why I didn’t do this earlier. And I LOVE walking in and seeing my family, animals and friends happily sprawled out on the furniture. It makes my heart happy!  Who knew furniture could help bring a family together?

Do you have a great story about how furniture has brought your family together?  I’d love to hear about it!


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