By Kelly DuByne

Every year, those of us in the design world love to think about what the color of the year for the upcoming year could be. Plenty of companies release their own color of the year, from paint companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to clothing companies and even paper companies.

poised-taupeSherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2017 is Poised Taupe, a beautiful, warm neutral. 

Benjamin Moore’s is Shadow, a deep, saturated purple.  Personally, I tend toward these deep colors and love when a client tends towards that direction. We recently redesigned a home in these deep colors. Watch for the photos soon on our Projects page!shadow

The Color of the Year that everyone talks about is revealed by the color authority Pantone.  Leaders across all industries integrate the color of the year into their designs: home products, appliances, automobile, fashion and more.

I love to try my hand at predicting the color of the year in November before it is announced in December! I’ve studied the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017, reviewed paint companies’ colors of the year, poured over the current fall color and home trends, studied the fall runway fashion shows and am always perusing color trends in retail stores and magazines. All of these factors help me make my prediction. The two colors that I predict and also hope to be color of the year are: Pantone Niagara as my first choice and Pantone Kale as my second choice.

Pantone describes Niagara as “comfortable and dependable”. Blues tend to be timeless, think denim jean jackets, the sea and sky. Does blue ever go out of style?


Pantone Kale is my second choice.  A warm green that feels close to nature, and reminds us of a healthy lifestyle so many of us work towards. Green is a wonderful neutral too!


Whatever Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 is, I always wait for the announcement in early December with giddy anticipation like a kid going through their Halloween candy!


By Marlie Bilbruck-Boerger

Windows and floors and doors, oh my! Windows and floors and doors, oh my!

We all remember a similar rhyme from childhood (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), but now that we are adults, this revised version is probably a more accurate depiction of what scares us.

Of these three design elements, the one most often overlooked, strictly for lack of knowhow on the behalf of most home owners, are doors. Floors we see changed out, upgraded and improved frequently. Window treatment fabrication is a huge industry with products readily available in stores across the country. Doors though, are all too often utilized and forgotten, especially interior doors and doorways.

Here are five great ideas for finishing a doorway.

  • New Doors: It may seem like an obvious answer, but you’d be surprised how many people continue to live with their standard, builder-grade, hollow doors. Upgrade your doors to new 4-panel solid wood doors, and you will be amazed how they add style and dampen noise. Yes, they can be a little pricey, but higher quality doors are one of the things homebuyers recognize and will pay for.
  • Drape Your Doorway: It might sound a little Bohemian, but fabric can add great texture to a space. You can decide what kind of style you want conveyed. You may opt for a heavier velvet drape for a dramatic feel. If fresh is the message you want sent, a light airy sheer will do the job. Using a tension rod, suspend your curtain selection from the inside frame of the doorway. Utilize a curtain tieback, a piece of rope, or just a ribbon to pull the drape back and secure it to one side, making the doorway easy to pass through.
  • Leave Your Doorway Without a Door: Don’t put a door on it at all. Instead paint out the wall the door is on in an accent color and the door frame in a complimentary color to highlight it. For instance you may want to paint the wall a beautiful butter yellow and the door frame a deep purple or a lavender.
  • Change the Shape of the Opening: If you are wanting to do something a little more in-depth, and are looking for a completely new door look, you may want to hire a contractor to reshape your door. By changing the shape of the doorway from a basic rectangle to something more unique (i.e. a dormered arch, a cathedral arch, etc.) you can add interest to the space.
  • Upcycle, Recycle: Look around at salvage yards, antique stores and swap meets for a unique door (or something that can be used as a door) to give your room just the right finishing touch. You may like the idea of the barn doors that are so popular right now, or you may find a neat old door with a stain glass inset. You can even think beyond the “door frame”, and look at other items with the idea of turning them into doors. For instance, galvanized roofing material can be framed out and added to a doorway with the simple addition of some hinges.

Whatever your door situation is you can have some fun with these frequently overlooked, yet necessary, aspects of your home. You’re only limited by your imagination. Enjoy!



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