Welcome Home!

by Kelly DuByne on July 29, 2014

Submitted by Marlie Bilbruck-Boerger

I know we have talked before about the impact a foyer has on a person’s perception of whether they feel welcomed in a home, school, office or business, but equally important is the effect the exterior of the entry has on the same.

We’ve all heard of ‘curb appeal’ (the way a home is viewed from the curb—is it clean looking, well maintained, up kept, does the exterior paint colors coordinate, are the garden beds weeded, is the brick or siding in good shape, etc.), but a large part of this concept comes from the very thing our eyes are drawn to first: the front door.

Front doors should be welcoming portals from the outside world into your private domain.  They should say ‘Welcome!’, ‘Come on in!’, ‘We are so happy you are here!’

This can be achieved easily:

1.)    Door Color—Your door is the largest thing in the space so naturally it provides the greatest impact.  Paint your front door a color that will complement your home’s other colors yet stands out (we generally suggest three colors on your home: main body color, trim color and door color).  Great colors for front doors are: Yellows, oranges, reds, greens, purples and blues.

2.)    Décor—Yes, it may seem strange to add décor to the exterior of your home, but it draws people in.  You may want to add a wrought iron piece of wall décor alongside your door or perhaps a potted flowering plant (if you have a covered entry don’t forget to water itJ–been there, done that, got the pot of dead plants to prove it.)  A chair or bench is always a welcome addition.

3.)    Welcome mat—Get one!  A welcome mat serves two purposes.  One, it gives your guests a place to wipe their feet and keeps a lot of the dirt outside where it belongs and two, it adds a soft spot to an otherwise rigid environment.   If you already have one make sure it is in good shape (it does not say ‘welcome’ to anyone when half of the word ‘welcome’ is worn away).

4.)    Cleanliness—Once or twice a month sweep the inevitable cobwebs away and a couple times a year take your front porch light’s glass globe off and wash it (this alone will add huge impact to your entryway’s appearance).  Sweep off the steps and shake the dirt from the welcome mat

5.)    House numbers—If you haven’t done so lately update your house numbers.  This is a wonderful way to refresh your entryway’s look without a whole lot of cost (remember to touchup the paint after removing the old numbers and before putting the new ones up).

A friend of mine suggested to me a while ago that if you take a photo of the space you are looking to redecorate you get a pinpointed view and a clearer understanding of the challenges the space has and what could use a changeup.  I would suggest that you all take a photo of your front door.  Look at it as a guest.  What does the color say to you? Does it look clean? Does it look fresh and cared for?  If you’re not feeling it welcomes you then it probably isn’t welcoming others either.  I’m sure you’ll be able to increase your home’s ‘Welcome Power’ with just a few small changes.  Have fun with it.  Happy summer!

welcome home pic


Dust or Bust…

by Kelly DuByne on July 7, 2014

Submitted by Marlie Bilbruck-Boerger

Have you ever walked into a wonderful hotel room and been blown away by the design only to notice some unidentifiable stain on the duvet cover and a clump of hair in the tub drain? Or stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast and you involuntarily cooed at the sweet layout of the room then noticed the dust along the top of the curtain rod and the inch of dust bunnies under the TV stand?  Or been invited to have lunch at a friend’s home and you found their style alluring and comfortable and then used the bathroom where the waste basket was over flowing and the mirror was splattered with toothpaste?  Yes, of course you have—we all have.  Design is one of those things you notice without looking for it.  Well so are dust, clutter and overall uncleanliness.

Dirt and clutter trumps design!

If a beautiful kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, dark wood cabinets and beautiful flooring has food all over the counters and the sink overflowing with dishes, you are most likely going to remember the mess the room held and not the deep rich design of the space.  The same is true for a bathroom, living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.

You may want to think of this as more of a public service announcement and less as a ‘design blog post’.   I am writing this to encourage you to look around your home and see it through the eyes of a stranger.  What looks a little shabby and should probably be replaced?  What is lying around causing general clutter and upsetting the flow of the room?  What could use a quick dusting?  Can you see through your windows or are they covered in dog-nose prints and the kids’ lunches?

Stand on the stairs for a new perspective.  A change in vantage point will give you new information about what others are seeing.  What you can’t see from standing on the main floor you may be able to see from higher (i.e. the dust on top of the bookcase or the layer on the light bulbs of the chandelier).

Get down low and look under your furniture or look at it from across the room while sitting in a chair.  Are there spots that could use a good vacuuming that you are accustomed to, but that guests might notice?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe our homes should be museums with rooms that we never use– a space our family is afraid to ‘live’ in (my step-mother had a formal living room that we called ‘Nana’s pretty room’.  No one was allowed in it.  I asked myself then and I ask myself now, ‘What’s the point?’)  I recognize that life happens and dust settles and dishes get dirty and garbage piles up.  All I am hoping to do is to give you a moment to pause and reflect about your home and to ask yourself what is it that guests are focusing on when they come into your world.  Is it the design that you have worked hard to make sure reflects you and your family or is it the pile of clean clothes that have been waiting to be folded in the middle of the dining room table now for a week?

Trust me.  It is easier to tidy up a room and run a dust rag over your furniture than it is to change a person’s mental impression of your home, and, since homes are truly extensions of who we are, you.



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